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Believers Baptism

Lattimore Gospel Hall has a good sized Baptistery Tank in front of the platform


It is in excellent condition, and ready to be used


We believe that Baptism is the command of the Lord to every believer as God's appointed way of declaring to all that 'I have made Christ my only Lord for life'


It is more eloquent than any speech that one might make and the most tongue tied person can tell of their Lord and Saviour to all.


It is an individual’s choice and many believers might go to a church which does not baptise adults, and or has no fixed baptistery. All believers are received because they belong to Christ at Lattimore Gospel Hall, and we will baptise any believer or allow the usage of our baptistery to any by appointment and with the proviso that the person being baptised is a disciple of the Lord and are baptised in the name of the Lord (Father , Son and Holy Spirit)  and not to anything elseor to an oganisation.