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Temple Exhibition is very comprehensive, a full tour takes two hours

13ft model of Herod's temple and area

Film of all the temples of Jerusalem including the future Ezekiel's Temple

Beautiful film of the walk between Jericho and Jerusalem

3D film of the life, death, resurrection and ascension of the Lord Jesus Christ - filmed in Israel with actors - does not deviate from the narrative in the Bible

7ft base relieve map of Israel, VDU showing160 short videos with commentary of locations as they are today in Israel

Jewish feasts in a series of displays, including artifacts and a rams horn, with repertoire plus three leaflets with more detail to take home

A chart of the agriculture year - the associated feasts and past and future events depicted by those feasts

7ft model of Noah's Ark with cutaway sections in a special room. This shows the colour of the Ark, the names of Noah and his sons and a four minute video presentation with commentary and sounds

It is a unique, high quality exhibition, new exhibits still being added - nothing like it in the UK

As it is for the Lord, no charges are made - free viewing