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Lattimore Gospel Hall 

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St Albans 


AL1 3XL 

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Practices and Governance

All visitors and regular attenders are recognised as belonging to the body of Christ. Therefore, they have common privileges of participation during the Sunday morning breaking of bread and Thursday prayer and bible study. 


Regular attenders must be addicted to the following details, which are laid out in the Hall's deeds.

1)  The customary observance of the ordinance of believers' baptism by immersion, in personal confession of faith and the commemoration of the Lord's death in the breaking of bread on the first day of the week.

2)  The reception at the Lord's table of all believers known to be sound in faith and godly in life.

3)  The conducting of meetings for worship under the guidance of the Holy Spirit with opportunity for the exercise in the assembly of all the gifts for edification, subject to the Lordship of Christ.


Trustees in the congregation ensure the details of doctrine and practice are adhered to.

A business meeting of the whole congregation is held at least once each year. This includes open discussion and decisions on ideas and proposals that are put before us all.