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Special Events

The Planned Ministry Meetings at Lattimore Gospel Hall – if the Lord wills.

Zoom meetings
Time: 8.00pm Thursdays and 4.30pm Sundays

Meeting ID: 527 007 5712

Passcode: Ram7vL

If you would like extra bible study or prayer please contact us.


Bible Ventures

Exhibiting at Lattimore Gospel Hall and now open for viewing 2.30pm - 5.30pm every Sunday, subject to the best Covid-19 advice.

  • 40 minute  presentation featuring past and future temples, including Ezekiel's temple. 
  • 12ft x 7ft large floor standing model of Herod's temple during the times of the Lord Jesus Christ.

  • 3D film of the life of the Lord in a proper cinema with  tiered seating. Vent-Axia silent air extraction to the outside of the building.

  • Beautifully made 6ft model of Noah's Ark following the description in Genesis 6 v 14-16. Cutaways allow you to see the inside, illuminated.

  • 6ft base relief 3D map of Israel with VDU above. The map shows 160 locations with video film attached. To operate, use the codes and key board. If you are planning a trip to Israel this might be useful to you.

  • Display with artifacts of the Sabbaths and all the feasts of Jehovah and Purim, plus three leaflets with more extended coverage.

  • 3D printed models of the temple in sections that children can piece together from memory, plus other written exercises for them. There is a separate area where they can sit and do this.

  • More exhibits coming soon.

  • If you are planning a visit please allow over 90 minutes.

This exhibition is of a very high standard and is in excellent condition. The talk is given by Howard, the maker of the exhibits and the 3D film, so this is unique.

  • School visits welcome. This is a permanent exhibition so you can fit it into your curriculum.